Hi!  I’m Jodie. 

I’m a Montana girl at heart living my dream life in New York City with my husband (Brett) , daughter (Norah), and son (Conor). Yes, we live in the city. Yes, we love it. 

We lived in Seattle for seven years before moving to NYC in 2014. So how did two Montana-raised kids who fell in love with the Pacific Northwest end up in NYC? God started wooing my heart towards this city while I was here for an education workshop in 2010. Then for four years I asked my incredibly patient, hard-working husband if we could ever actually live here. He had to finish all of his medical training first, and as soon as he was finished, we found out his dream job does exist – in New York City. So we took a risk and moved across the country with a toddler to a place where we could count the number of people we knew on one hand. And we haven’t regretted that decision once, nor doubted that this is where God wants us right now.

Before Norah was born in 2012, I taught elementary school for eight years and never thought I’d leave the classroom. Now that I’m at home (or more accurately, exploring the city) with my children I’m looking at the world and seeing stories everywhere. Stories about raising children in this city, learning from the thousands of encounters with people we get here, growing through the discomfort of transition, and seeing what God is teaching me through it all.

I’ve been described my whole life as encouraging, optimistic, and hopeful. My hope for this space is that you would find some encouragement, optimism and hope in my words.

Want to know more or tell me about yourself?  I’d love to connect! Send me a message below.